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Digital Theatre Words (DTW)

Digital Theatre Words (DTW) is a global project undertaken by International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians (OISTAT), a project to compile an Internet dictionary that would span some 40 languages and tailor specifically to theatre professionals globally: set designers, stage architects, managers, costume designers, light designers, sound specialists, technicians, etc.

Every country that is represented in OISTAT is contributing to the DTW project by translating the English terms of the dictionary into the country's national language. The DTW includes the subjects of performance, costume, lighting, sound, special effects, architecture, administration and management, electric, media and protocols, machinery, playwriting.

A video presenting the DTW project is available on YouTube, some additional short video clips can be obtained from OISTAT.

The work on the DTW project is currently ongoing (OISTAT National Centres welcome contributions and assistance from translators and editors), and in the meanwhile the Russian National Centre of OISTAT is happy to put some parts of DTW online, in Russian and English.
Please note that this is not the ultimate online dictionary tool of the DTW project, rather it is a courtesy to Russian speaking performing arts professionals whilst the DTW is being developed.

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The work on the Russian language version of DTW is coordinated by the Russian National Centre of OISTAT.
If you are willing to contribute to the Russian side of DTW - the project depends upon the work of contibutors and volunteers - you are welcome to contact the DTW coordinators in Russia.

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