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Rigging & Machinery

half hitch

A knot made by looping a rope or strap around an object and then back around itself, bringing the end of the rope through the loop.

половинный узел

Узел при изготовлении которого делается петля вокруг предмета, а затем обратно вокруг себя, продевая конец веревки через петлю.

Phonetic representation of the term:

[polovinnii uzel]

Digital Theatre Words (DTW) is a global project undertaken by OISTAT that many contributors and volunteers are working on.
The following people helped translate DTW terms into Russian:
Alexander Popov, Dmitry Osipenko, Ekaterina Barysheva, Ekaterina Dunaevskaya, Elena Drevaleva, Elizaveta Bomash, Igor Drevalev, Natalia Raitarovskaya, Pavel Shishin, and Ekaterina, Nika, author nicknamed 'dt'.

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