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change (to)

To transform or convert, such as to remove one costume and put on another, or to remove one stage set from the stage and replace it with another.

менять, сменять, заменять (декорации, костюмы).

видоизменить или сменить (по ходу действия), например, заменить один костюм на другой или убрать одни декорации на сцене и на их место поставить другие.

Phonetic representation of the term:

[menyat', smenyat', zamenyat' (dekoratsii, kostumi).]

Digital Theatre Words (DTW) is a global project undertaken by OISTAT that many contributors and volunteers are working on.
The following people helped translate DTW terms into Russian:
Alexander Popov, Dmitry Osipenko, Ekaterina Barysheva, Ekaterina Dunaevskaya, Elena Drevaleva, Elizaveta Bomash, Igor Drevalev, Natalia Raitarovskaya, Pavel Shishin, and Ekaterina, Nika, author nicknamed 'dt'.

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