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Russian Theatre Union Projects & Events

Published 11.10.2021

Take a note of all the projects and events that are planned by Russian Theatre Union for 2020.
Many of these projects are open to participation and we encourage that you contact the organizers directly for details.

Subscribe to the Russian Theatre Union's Events calendar (in iCal format) in your favorite calendaring application like Google Calendar or device including iPhone and iPad.
Note that the calendar carries events with set dates only.

Festival "Artmigration for kids"

The Festival introduces the best performances for children and youth directed by the young theatre directors who have recently graduated from Moscow theatre schools and work in regional Russian theatres.

When: October 25 - 31, 2021
Where: Moscow, Russia
Contact: artmigration.kids@gmail.com

International Theatre Kingfestival

The Festival's focus is on myth as the unique genre of the world’s literature and transformation of mythology in national epos, fantastic stories, fantasies, fairy-tales. The Festival presents contemporary performing arts productions from Russia and Europe in two separate programs: for children and youth and for adults aiming to reveal new ways of bringing fantastic stories on stage in drama theatre and contemporary dance, puppet theatre, non-verbal and visual theatre.

When: October 8 - 12, 2021
Where: Velikiy Novgorod
Contact: www.kingfestival.ru

SOLO, International Theatre Festival of Solo Performances

SOLO festival presents the best solo performances from Russia and abroad in Theatre Center "Na Strastnom" - a unique non-commercial platform in Moscow, founded and inspired by the Theatre Union of Russia.

When: October 1 - 10, 2021
Where: Moscow
Contact: www.nastrastnom.ru

Workshop "A Space'

The participants of the workshop are theater groups and independent theater makers from Moscow and Moscow region who will create site-specific performance for the Boyar Chambers - theatre space of the Russian Theatre Union.
We propose to work with the boundaries of the theater and without actors, to create conditions for direct communication of the audience with the space by the means of light, sound, video, decoration and others.

When: May - October, 2021
Where: Moscow, Artistic space "Boyar chambers"
Contact: konstantingorin@mail.ru

Workshop "Imaginary Future"

The Russian-French creative workshop "Imaginary Future" invites Russian and French theater professionals, representatives of related professions, as well as specialists in the field of computer graphics and IT technologies to explore the hybrid art forms that connect the "physical" and "digital" worlds, together to create sketches of theatre projects-utopias that go beyond the classical theater for young audience and use new technologies, including digital ones.

When: November 8 - 9, 2021
Where: Moscow, Russia
Contact: rassitej@gmail.com

Critics visit theatres in regions of Russia

Theater critics visit theatres in the regions of Russia during the period from March 15 to December 15, 2021.

When: March 15 - December 15, 2021
Contact: kritikastd@gmail.com

Theatre for leveling up

Theatre Union of the Russian Federation is launching a new program of cooperation developed for the theaters in which artistic directors hold their positions less than three years. Within the program theatres will be offered a personal plan of participation in the list of the projects of the Russian Theatre Union in 2021.

When: April - December, 2021
Where: Theatres of Russia
Contact: startupstd@gmail.com

«Start-up» Project

«Start-up» - informational website for young and emerging theatre professionals who want to know about and apply for projects and support programs of the Russian Theatre Union.

Contact: www.start-std.ru

Catalogue of musical compositions

Theatre Union‘s web project is dedicated to smooth over the repertory problems in Russian musical theatres: the catalogue includes information on musicals compositions, just produced or performed.

Contact: http://stdrf.ru/news/1758

Catalogue of the contemporary foreign plays

Digital catalogue - the plays are arranged by the playwrights, enterpreters, genres, language. List of the new publications is also available.

Contact: dramaturg@stdrf.ru, www.rtlb.ru/ru/plays/

Digital Theatre Words

Digital Theatre Words (DTW) is a global project undertaken by International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians (OISTAT), the goal of the project is to compile an Internet dictionary addressed to all theatre professionals: set designers, stage architects, managers, costume designers, light designers, sound specialists, technicians, etc.
The Russian-English version worked out by the Russian OISTAT Centre is available online at www.rtlb.ru/en/dtw/

Contact: www.rtlb.ru/en/dtw/

Online lectures and seminars with theater critics / Open call

Russian Theatre Union encourage regional theatres to apply for online lectures and seminars with theater critics. Participation in this project will allow regional theaters to get an expert contribution to their creative process including direction of the play.

Where: Regions of Russia
Contact: http://stdrf.ru/news/2746/
Application form: 19.05.2020

RTU Publishing

Russian Theatre Union is a founder and publisher of several theatre magazines: THEATRE, THE OTHER SHORES, STRASTNOY BULEVARD, 10, THE STAGE. Selected publications or electronic copies of the magazines are available on their websites.

Contact: www.oteatre.info, www.inieberega.ru, www.strast10.ru, www.the-stage.ru

Russian Theatre Festivals Guide

Published electronically, the Guide comprises information about some 250 regular performing arts festivals in Russia, arranged by genre, host city, and application policy.

Contact: festivals@stdrf.ru, www.rtlb.ru/en/festivals/upcoming/

Russian Theatre Life in Brief / Rtlb.ru

Information project and Web portal for performing arts professionals: announcements of international mobility opportunities and information about Russian theatre life for English speaking colleagues.

Contact: idrtlb@gmail.com, www.rtlb.ru

Teatr (The Theatre) Magazine

Contact: www.oteatre.info
New edition of TEATR. Magazine is dedicated to Laboratory as an organisational form in the performing arts, alternative to the repertoire theatre. Laboratories flourished in Russian theatre in post-perestroika years, twenty years later we are experiencing its renaissance. TEATR. is trying to capture the new hopes and disappointments of this process. phpgAesef.jpeg

Theatre vs Covid / New theatrical forms in time of isolation

How theatre reacts to the new challanges of time? What forms it developed to adapt to new reality? We developed the list of the most interesting examples of how the art react during isolation time.

Where: http://stdrf.ru/news/2717/

Theatre vs Covis /#thankstodoctors

List of theatre activities to express support and gratefulness to the doctors.

Where: http://stdrf.ru/news/2722/

The Boyar House

A Russian Theatre Union (RTU) venue with 18th century arched ceilings offers excellent atmosphere for all sorts of theatre events. It gives space to young experimental artists and independent theatre companies, hosts RTU projects, festivals, theatre designers exhibitions, installations, lectures and workshops.

Contact: www.bpstd.ru, www.stdrf.ru

Today Theatre at Home / Discover Shakespeare

A selection of free online courses from leading universities and educational platform dedicated to the heritage of William Shakespeare.

Where: http://stdrf.ru/news/2743/

Workshop under direction of Jury Butusov

The Workshop for theatre directors under direction of Jury Butusov will be held between October 1 and 9 in Sochi. Theatre directors from different cities of Russia will take part in the Workshop.

When: 01.10.2021-09.10.2021
Where: Sochi
Contact: dramnac@mail.ru

Russian Theatre Union Projects & Events





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