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Russian Theatre Union Projects & Events

Published 22.10.2020

Take a note of all the projects and events that are planned by Russian Theatre Union for 2020.
Many of these projects are open to participation and we encourage that you contact the organizers directly for details.

Subscribe to the Russian Theatre Union's Events calendar (in iCal format) in your favorite calendaring application like Google Calendar or device including iPhone and iPad.
Note that the calendar carries events with set dates only.

Dmitry Bertman's workshop for vocal artists

Dmitry Bertman is one of the Russian leading opera directors. His workshop will address the following topics:
- Training on voice, diction, breath
- Practical exercises on vocal texts.
- Coordination of vocal skills
- Work on character building and the relationship between music and text
- Musical phrase in the context of the piece.

When: November 2020
Contact: korablinaolga@mail.ru

Festival "Artmigration for kids"

The Festival introduces the best performances for children and youth directed by the young theatre directors who have recently graduated from Moscow theatre schools and work in regional Russian theatres.

When: November 2-8, 2021
Where: Moscow, Russia
Contact: artmigration.kids@gmail.com

Seminar Marketing ART

Seminar Marketing ART - grants and subsidies. The seminar covers the topics: project management, grants and opportunities, tips for filling out applications and providing financial reports, negotiations with foundations and cultural institutions, principles of cultural diplomacy and advices on practical cases.

When: October - November, 2020
Where: Moscow (Russia)
Contact: idrtlb@gmail.com

Seminars for Young Theatre Critics

The main aim of the seminars is to advance professional level of young critics and journalists who write about theatre, to develop their analytical skills and expand their knowledge of Russian theatre scene. Seminars are led by Irina Kholmogorova and Grigoriy Zaslavskiy.

When: April, October, November 2020
Where: Moscow, Samara, Vologda, Yaroslavl
Contact: demmak@mail.ru

Seminars for young theatre critics and journalists

Seminars are to encrease the professional skills of young critics, stimulate discussions about the problems and trends of theatres in Russia and understanding of the current theatrical process in the country.

When: April, October, November 2020
Where: Moscow, Samara, Vologda
Contact: demmak@mail.ru

Theatre Art Biennale

Theatre Art Biennale under the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation will present extensive exhibition and educational program in A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum of Moscow.

When: October - November 2020
Where: Moscow
Contact: imirz@mail.ru

Workshop under direction of Dmitry Krymov

Workshop for theatre directors under direction of Dmitry Krymov is scheduled for the second half of November 2020 and will be held in Moscow. Theatre directors form different cities of Russia suck as Krasnodar, Penza, Khabarovsk, Yaroslavl, Moscow, St.Petersburg and others will take part in the Workshop.

When: November 2020
Where: Moscow

ART Residency in Shelykovo

Russian Theatre Union announces open call for participation in the first Art Residency in Shelykovo, the place were lived and worked Russian playwright Alexander Ostrovsky. The project aims to create a new space for professional development and artistic cooperation as well as continuation of the traditions of A.N. Ostrovsky. The residencу is opened for individuals and groups. Both state, municipal and independent professional groups could apply.

When: October 1 - December 20, 2020
Where: Shelykovo
Contact: shelykovo.res@gmail.com

General Assembly of Russian Center of ASSITEJ

The agenda of the General Assembly of Russian Center of ASSITEJ includes: report on activities of the Center in 2020, programs of ASSITEJ International for 2020-2021, work of the Congress, General Assembly and ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering, workshops and festivals opened for participation in 2021.

When: December 2020
Where: Sochi (Russia)
Contact: rassitej@gmail.com

Grant for independent theatre groups

The grant is aimed to support the creation of new theater productions in various genres in Russia.
The applications are received from independent non-profit and non-governmental professional theatre groups, as well as individual entrepreneurs working in art.

When: April 1 - December 1, 2020
Where: Citites of Russia
Contact: grantstdrf@gmail.com, http://stdrf.ru/news/2584/
Application deadline: 24.03.2020

Grant scheme to support educational programs by Russian theatre experts

In July the Russian Theatre Union launched the new grant scheme to support regional theatres to bring Russian theatre professionals for running educational program of any kind. Any regional theatre could apply with its own choice of the Master and/or the educational program that is required for the theatre.

When: September - December, 2020
Where: Regions of Russia
Contact: grantstdrf@gmail.com

PLAY / video recording of performances

In 2020 high-quality video recording and broadcasting of performances became crucial for every theatre. Newly designed by the Russian Theatre Union program PLAY offers theatres from any region of Russia possibility of making high quality video recording or live streaming of one performance by the group of experts pwho in addition to that could hold a master class with the staff of the video department of the theater.

When: October - December, 2020
Where: Theatres of Russia
Contact: balandinastd@gmail.com
Application deadline: 28.10.2020

Radio project "Rarity"

Russian Theatre Union in partnership with Radio "Culture" and "Radio of Russia" announce a new broadcast project "RARITY". The partner of the project is the central library of the Russian Theatre Union which archives contain rare and priceless materials from theatrical press of the XX century.
Artists over 65 years old from all over Russia are invited to voice archival materials on the radio.

When: October - December, 2020
Where: Radio programs
Contact: http://stdrf.ru/news/3015/
Application deadline: 25.10.2020

Scholarships of the RF Government

Scholarships of the Government of the Russian Federation for young specialists working in Art and Culture in the regions of Russia excluding Moscow and St.Petersburg.
The applications are received from young (up to 35 years old) artists and managers working in regional cultural and art institutions or invited to work in regional cultural and art institutions, and who are the citizens of the Russian Federation.

When: March 1 - December 30, 2020
Where: Citites of Russia
Contact: regionstdrf@mail.ru
Application deadline: 21.02.2020

The Young Set Designers Exhibition KLIN 14

An annual exhibition of young set designers - students and graduates from Moscow theatre schools who specialize in set design. KLIN is an exhibition of (and for) young art that breaks into the format of “grown-up theatre”.

When: November-December 2020
Where: Moscow
Contact: imirz@mail.ru

«Start-up» Project

«Start-up» - informational website for young and emerging theatre professionals who want to know about and apply for projects and support programs of the Russian Theatre Union.

Contact: www.start-std.ru

Catalogue of musical compositions

Theatre Union‘s web project is dedicated to smooth over the repertory problems in Russian musical theatres: the catalogue includes information on musicals compositions, just produced or performed.

Contact: http://stdrf.ru/news/1758

Catalogue of the contemporary foreign plays

Digital catalogue - the plays are arranged by the playwrights, enterpreters, genres, language. List of the new publications is also available.

Contact: dramaturg@stdrf.ru, www.rtlb.ru/ru/plays/

Digital Theatre Words

Digital Theatre Words (DTW) is a global project undertaken by International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians (OISTAT), the goal of the project is to compile an Internet dictionary addressed to all theatre professionals: set designers, stage architects, managers, costume designers, light designers, sound specialists, technicians, etc.
The Russian-English version worked out by the Russian OISTAT Centre is available online at www.rtlb.ru/en/dtw/

Contact: www.rtlb.ru/en/dtw/

Online lectures and seminars with theater critics / Open call

Russian Theatre Union encourage regional theatres to apply for online lectures and seminars with theater critics. Participation in this project will allow regional theaters to get an expert contribution to their creative process including direction of the play.

Where: Regions of Russia
Contact: http://stdrf.ru/news/2746/
Application form: 19.05.2020

RTU Publishing

Russian Theatre Union is a founder and publisher of several theatre magazines: THEATRE, THE OTHER SHORES, STRASTNOY BULEVARD, 10, THE STAGE. Selected publications or electronic copies of the magazines are available on their websites.

Contact: www.oteatre.info, www.inieberega.ru, www.strast10.ru, www.the-stage.ru

Russian Theatre Festivals Guide

Published electronically, the Guide comprises information about some 250 regular performing arts festivals in Russia, arranged by genre, host city, and application policy.

Contact: festivals@stdrf.ru, www.rtlb.ru/en/festivals/upcoming/

Russian Theatre Life in Brief / Rtlb.ru

Information project and Web portal for performing arts professionals: announcements of international mobility opportunities and information about Russian theatre life for English speaking colleagues.

Contact: idrtlb@gmail.com, www.rtlb.ru

Teatr (The Theatre) Magazine

Contact: www.oteatre.info
New edition of TEATR. Magazine is dedicated to Laboratory as an organisational form in the performing arts, alternative to the repertoire theatre. Laboratories flourished in Russian theatre in post-perestroika years, twenty years later we are experiencing its renaissance. TEATR. is trying to capture the new hopes and disappointments of this process. phpgAesef.jpeg

Theatre vs Covid / New theatrical forms in time of isolation

How theatre reacts to the new challanges of time? What forms it developed to adapt to new reality? We developed the list of the most interesting examples of how the art react during isolation time.

Where: http://stdrf.ru/news/2717/

Theatre vs Covis /#thankstodoctors

List of theatre activities to express support and gratefulness to the doctors.

Where: http://stdrf.ru/news/2722/

The Boyar House

A Russian Theatre Union (RTU) venue with 18th century arched ceilings offers excellent atmosphere for all sorts of theatre events. It gives space to young experimental artists and independent theatre companies, hosts RTU projects, festivals, theatre designers exhibitions, installations, lectures and workshops.

Contact: www.bpstd.ru, www.stdrf.ru

Today Theatre at Home / Discover Shakespeare

A selection of free online courses from leading universities and educational platform dedicated to the heritage of William Shakespeare.

Where: http://stdrf.ru/news/2743/

Travel grants for theatre artists

Every year Russian Theatre Union awards more than 100 travel grants to Russian theatre professionals from different parts of Russia to attend professional theatre events in the country including The RTU Summer Theatre School, The Golden Mask, The Baltic House, The Harlequin, ArtMigration festivals and other theatre events in Russia.

When: 2020
Contact: region@stdrf.ru

Workshop under direction of Aleksandr Kuzin

Workshop for young artists working in theaters for children and youth under the direction of Professor Alexander Kuzin. Theme of the laboratory is how to work with poetic drama.

When: Autumn 2020
Where: Moscow, Russia

Workshop under direction of Jury Butusov

The Workshop for theatre directors under direction of Jury Butusov will be held between September 25 and October 2 in Yalta. Theatre directors from different cities of Russia - Tyumen, Tula, Perm, Irkutsk, Voronezh, Ryazan, Moscow, St. Petersburg and others will take part in the Workshop.

When: 25.09.2020 - 02.10.2020
Where: Yalta

Russian Theatre Union Projects & Events




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