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Russian Theatre Union Projects & Events

Published 08.05.2018

Take a note of all the projects and events that are planned by Russian Theatre Union for 2018.
Many of these projects are open to participation and we encourage that you contact the organizers directly for details.

Subscribe to the Russian Theatre Union's Events calendar (in iCal format) in your favorite calendaring application like Google Calendar or device including iPhone and iPad.
Note that the calendar carries events with set dates only.

Theatre Union’s Grants to support creative projects for children and youth - 2018

As part of the State Program aimed to support Theatre for Children and Youth Russian Theatre Union has established grants for the Russian drama, TYA and puppet theatres to encourage production of performances for children and youth.

When: 1 February - 1 December 2018
Contact: grantdeti@gmail.com, www.stdrf.ru
Application deadline: 15.05.2016

«Start-up» Project

«Start-up» - informational website for young and emerging theatre professionals who want to know about and apply for projects and support programs of the Russian Theatre Union.

Contact: www.start-std.ru

Artistic Workshops

All year round Russian Theatre Union holds workshops for theatre practitioners to foster professional development, networking and exchange their experience.

Contact: www.stdrf.ru/labs, dramnac@mail.ru, detkuk@stdrf.ru, music@stdrf.ru

Catalogue of the contemporary foreign plays

Digital catalogue - the plays are arranged by the playwrights, enterpreters, genres, language. List of the new publications is also available.

Contact: dramaturg@stdrf.ru, www.rtlb.ru/ru/plays/

Digital Theatre Words

Digital Theatre Words - is a digital dictionary of OISTAT (International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects, and Technicians). The purpose is to find a single language for theatre professionals - scenorgaphers, architectors, administrators, directors, sound designers, light designers, technicians, etc. - from all over the world.
Available at www.rtlb.ru/en/dtw/

Contact: www.rtlb.ru/en/dtw/

Digital Theatre Words

Digital Theatre Words (DTW) is a global project undertaken by International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians (OISTAT), the goal of the project is to compile an Internet dictionary addressed to all theatre professionals: set designers, stage architects, managers, costume designers, light designers, sound specialists, technicians, etc.
The Russian-English version worked out by the Russian OISTAT Centre is available online at www.rtlb.ru/en/dtw/

Contact: www.rtlb.ru/en/dtw/

Place for acting, Creative Workshop

Young directors, actors, playwrights and designers are invited to apply for Creative Workshop "Place for acting" to produce a performance. Five artistic groups will be chosen on a competitive basis by a group of experts, and each will be awarded funds to realize their project.
Each group will have a 20 day period to work on their production.

Where: Moscow
Contact: www.stdrf.ru, start-std@mail.ru
Application deadline: 15.01.2014

Russian Theatre Festivals Guide

Published electronically, the Guide comprises information about some 250 regular performing arts festivals in Russia, arranged by genre, host city, and application policy.

Contact: festivals@stdrf.ru, www.rtlb.ru/en/festivals/upcoming/

Russian Theatre Forum

Over 200 participants - representatives of regional and local authorities, managing directors of local theatre companies, theatre practitioners - will gather at the Forum to work out common grounds, foster artistic creation, inspire and support young theatre artists, offer training opportunities, facilitate exchange, artistic collaboration and networking.
Two sectors of the Forum are:
- discussing the challanges, threats and opportunities brought by theatre reforms currently underway in the country
- professional trainings for theatre practitioners.

When: Autumn 2018
Where: Moscow, Russia
Contact: regionstdrf@mail.ru, stop_art@mail.ru

Russian Theatre Life in Brief / Rtlb.ru

Information project and Web portal for performing arts professionals: announcements of international mobility opportunities and information about Russian theatre life for English speaking colleagues.

Contact: id@stdrf.ru, www.rtlb.ru

Russian Theatre Union's Grant to support operetta or musical production

University left behind, ahead...? The aim of the grant is to reveal Director's talant and to introduce (promote) it to the Musical theatres.

Contact: dolgacheva99@mail.ru

Seminar MarketingART

Program of the annual seminar includes lectures of acclaimed international experts in theatre marketing. Participants present their projects (festivals, rebranding programs, long-term theatre projects etc.) to get mentoring and learn from each other's experience.

When: Autumn 2019
Where: Moscow
Contact: grantsdrf@gmail.com

Teatr (The Theatre) Magazine

The journal Teatr. is the oldest of the existing Russian drama magazines. There are three main sections of the magazine: On Stage (to represent all genres of theatre history including the genre of detailed review); Off Stage (to cover all kinds of the sociological aspects of drama that meet broad public response) and Beyond the Stage (to highlight the events from the standpoint of theatrical culturology). Above all the magazine has the section called Yellow Pages that carries all sorts of curious statistics, infograms and the results of various polls.

Contact: www.oteatre.info

The Boyar House

A new venue for the arts with 18 century arched ceilings offers excellent atmosphere for theatre work and invites everyone interested in theatre exhibitions, installations, master-classes, workshops and performances.

Contact: www.stdrf.ru

Web Catalogue for Musical Theatres

Theatre Union‘s web project is dedicated to smooth over the repertory problems in Russian musical theatres: the catalogue includes information on musicals compositions, just produced or performed.

Contact: www.muzcatalog.ru

Workshop for Children’s and Youth Theatre Directors run by Adolf Shapiro

What is the Stanislavski system? Is it universal? Or is it just a specific (Russian) method of working with classical drama? Can Stanislavski be a key to Shakespeare, Pushkin, Beckett..? Or is it applicable only to Ibsen, Turgenev or Gorky? These questions will be in the focus of the workshop participants.

Russian Theatre Union Projects & Events



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