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Open call/Residency Program at VII Platonov Arts Festival in Voronezh

Опубликовано 08.12.2017

June 9 - 14, 2017, Voronezh, Russia

The Platonov Arts Festival and the Russian Theatre Union invite young theatre professionals to apply for a Residence within Platonov Arts Festival.

Place: Voronezh, Russia
Duration: June, 9 - 14, 2017

The Residence will offer an opportunity to:

-see Festival’s events;

-participate in the Festival's side program of workshops, seminars, discussions, etc. and other events for the residency participants.

During the residency participants are expected to develop collaborative project related with the Festival’s space or context. There are no restrictions as to the project.

The organizers expect 16 participants from all over the world, and welcome applications from a wide range of professionals, working in theatre arts: actors, dancers, directors, artists, musicians, designers, critics, producers, art and festival managers.

The selected applicants will be given a practical task that needs to be fulfilled prior to the Residence.

Working language:English

Age limit: under 35

Expenses paid by Organizer:hotel accommodation (double rooms), meals, tickets to the festival performances & events

Expenses paid by participants:travel and applicable visa costs (visa assistance will be provided)

International participants can apply for partial cover of travel costs (applicable only to the air fare or train between Moscow and Voronezh). Applicants should apply for travel support additionally by sending free-form request to platonovresidency@gmail.com

Russian participants traveling from distant parts of the country can apply for a partial compensation of their domestic travel expenses.

Contact person - Nastya Mashtakova

E-mail:  info@platonovfest.com

To complete on-line application click HERE 

All applicants have to send 2 photos to platonovresidency@gmail.com

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