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International Theatre Summer Academy

Published 06.04.09

29 June 18 July 2009, Rubiera, Italy

EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR THEATRE CULTURE and AKT-ZENT International Theatre Centre under the artistic direction of Prof. Dr. Jurij Alschitz invites theatre directors, actors, dramaturgs, musicians and visual artists to take part in The VII International Theatre Summer Academy. This year the Academy will take place at La Corte Ospitale, Rubiera, Italy. Within the European long-term research project on The Art of Dialogue, the Academy plays one of the main roles with its theme Theatre in Dialogue with the Arts. In order to provide a common ground for artists from different fields all participants will work on the same text - Pushkin's Mozart and Salieri. Three different courses will follow three lines of research. Each course will look at the material from a different perspective, hereby using methodologies from various fields in order to provide different levels of analysis on the existing text, and at the same time to enrich theatre training and rehearsal methods. For the mis-en-scene of the piece, we want to combine different tools from theatre, music and the visual arts, creating a dialogue between these art forms.

I. Dialogue between Theatre and Literature

a course for advanced actors and directors

The course will concentrate on, how directors, in collaboration with actors can transform Literature into theatre.
The course will accept (3/4) directors, (6/8) actors
Led by Dr. Jurij Alschitz

II. Dialogue between Theatre and Music

a course for professional actors with interest to develop their musical sense as well as for singers, musicians, and conductors

This course will focus on the element of musicality in dramatic theatre, as well as the element of drama in music and music theatre.

Please indicate in your application, which kind of musical experience you have, and which instrument you play, if any.

III. Dialogue between Theatre and the Visual Arts

a course for actors, performers, dancers with interest in choreography, visual artists, scenographers, dramaturgs

The visual scenic elements of modern theatre have increasingly gained such importance that have, at times, become more prominent than the art of the actor. This seeming competition shall turn into the creative dialogue. The starting point of this course will be the study of paintings, which will be used for exercises to unfold the actors own creativity.

This course is addressed mainly towards young actors.

Application procedure

Please send your CV, and a recent photo. Include a short introductory letter, in which you inform us which course you would prefer to enroll in and why. The artistic director and the team of teachers will make the final decision, for which course we can accept you. You will be notified well in advance. Only after payment of the registration fee your place will be reserved and you will receive the material for preparation.

Tuition fee for 3 weeks

600* / 750 for young artists (until 26)

? 750* / 900 for professionals

? 800* / 950 ? for the participants of the course Theatre and Literature

you save 50 euro per week, if you make the first payment/registration (1/3 of the tuition fee) before May 15.

In case of cancellation until 15th of June, 100 ? remain at the organiser. Later, refunds are only possible, if you send a participant substituting your place. The remaining 2/3 of the tuition fee are payable upon arrival.


La Corte Ospitale can provide full accommodation in single, double rooms, and dorms.

Course Programme (pdf)

Information and application

AKT-ZENT International Theatre Centre
Research Centre of ITI-UNESCO Theatre Training Committee
Skalitzer Str. 97, D- 10997 Berlin T/F +49 (0)30 - 612 87 274
e-mail: akt.zent@berlin.de

Copyright 2009 AKT-ZENT International Theatre Centre.

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