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Workshop for Theatre Directors-Women. Artistic director Kama GINKAS

Published 14.03.2012

5-10 May 2012, St. Petersburg, Russia

Kama Ginkas invites young international female theatre directors to join their Russian colleagues in the professional workshop to be held in St. Petersburg May 5-10.

The workshop will focus on Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen.

Participants are invited to prepare in advance director's proposal (director's explication) for the production of the play, which will be analyzed during the daily classes with Kama Ginkas followed by watching Kama Ginka's production of the play in Alexandrinsky theatre and discussion.

Questions that Kama proposes to look at:

  1. What are the relationship between the characters?
  2. What this play is about?
  3. What textual and visual means will be used to bring the play on stage?
  4. What the production should start and end with?
  5. Why Hedda Gabler commits suicide? What happened to her in the course of the two days?

Please, provide a psychological (not philosophical) analysis of the play.

The programme will also include watching best theatre productions of St. Petersburg based directors, professional director's analysis of the productions and meetings with the artists.

Participants of the workshop are invited to analyze the viewed productions not in a theoretical perspective as critics and theatre researches but as professional theatre directors and try to answer the following questions:

  1. How the production is constructed
  2. What catches attention in the performance and when you loose the attention. Why? What are the tools that the director uses to achieve it.

The working language will be Russian with translation into English.

For interested persons Russian Theatre Union will cover accommodation costs in St. Petersburg May 5-10. Travel expenses are to be covered by the participant.

Please send applications with your CV and photo to olga.perevezentseva@rtlb.ru by April 5.


Ginkas was born on 7 May 1941 in Kaunas, Lithuania. He studied with Georgy Tovstonogov, and collaborated with most major theatres in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Among his productions are: The Train Carriage, The Master of Ceremonies at the Moscow Art Theatre, Re-enacting a Crime (based on Crime and Punishment by F. Dostoyevsky), The Execution of the Decembrists, The Black Monk and Lady with a Lapdog by Anton Chekhov and Rothschild's Fiddle at the New Generation Theatre. His productions have traveled to festivals in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, the former Yugoslavia, and France. His English-language adaptation of the award-winning Lady with a Lapdog by Anton Chekhov marked his American premiere at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, MA. Over the past ten years Ginkas has directed a number of productions in Europe, including Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot in Germany and Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Finland. Ginkas is Professor of the Swedish Theatre Academy in Helsinki and teaches directing at the Moscow Art Theatre School.


Olga Perevezentseva
Russian Theatre Union
e-mail: olga.perevezentseva@rtlb.ru
tel.: +74956941546
mobile: +79161280259

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